Company history

For more than 25 years now, Fondsbroker AG belongs to the bank-independent and innovative financial consulting companies in Germany. We have made a name for ourselves by providing exceptional consulting services, being among the pioneers of fee-based financial consulting. The first such model was introduced in 2000, today all consulting services are independent of provisions.

Our own high demands concerning quality, competence, personal contact and commitment for our clients are exactly those requirements that investors look for when searching for financial consultants.

Our innovative strength and our wish always to be a step ahead, have led to a couple of milestones worth mentioning – and will continue to do so in the future.



It's a time, at which the mutual fund community consists of very few fund providers, basically German banks, and its focus is on international concepts heavily biased towards American securities. Fondsbroker AG belongs to the first independent partners of Fidelity in Germany, already focusing on smaller markets such as the nowadays well-known emerging markets.


Our client magazine FondsNews, then titled "FONDS-NEWS" is issued for the first time, in what today appears to be a very nostalgic look.


Our first consulting and transaction software used is based on DOS.


The first portfolio optimizer program based on the portfolio theory of Nobel prize winner Prof. Harry M. Markowitz is being developed as joint venture with Deutsche Bank. (Nobel prize 1990 for the modern capital market theory.


First introduction in Germany of a fee-based accounting model – Komfort and PremiumPortfolio are being introduced.


Company-wide training to become Masters of Financial Consulting - years before the contents hopefully become compulsory for every financial advisor.


Fondsbroker AG is one of eight "founding fathers" of the broker pool Argentos AG, the technology and research network of leading bank-independent German investment consultants.


Introduction of an internet-based, fully automatic consulting, allocation and monitoring software, including the digital client file – still today a step ahead of the competition.


Introduction of further fee-based accounting models, including the possibility of full reimbursement of kickback provisions.


First client and consultant apps for smartphones.


FondsNews goes Germany – With a print run of approx. 20.000 copies the client magazine has established itself as largest publisher-independent magazine for bank-independent financial advisors. The editing competence of our staff member Dr. Wolfgang Westerhaus is asked for Germany-wide.


Trees don't grow into the sky (as a German saying goes), but they grow in our clients portfolios. Together with a tree nursery in Ladenburg, Fondsbroker AG initiates the first plantation of Kiri trees in the area and thus brings the fastest growing tree of the world into our metropolis region.


The largest German broker pool for bank-independent financial advisors, Netfonds, takes over Argentos, the pool co-founded with Fondsbroker AG. This opens new opportunities e.g. the inclusion of new portfolio platforms in the SecureSite.



Even before the official implementation of the new German law on fee-based consultations, Fondsbroker AG creates one of the first law-abiding pricing models in Germany.



The Fondsbroker portfolio view is issued as app for smartphones and tablets. Our clients get an easy and simple access to all information and files that we administer for them.