Fair remuneration

No more than necessary

Why should you pay for something that you don‘t need?

If you are somebody who is used to decide yourself, it doesn‘t really matter whether you want no consulting service at all, only selective and time-restricted advice, or the full-service-consulting: you decide about the service range and therefore about the costs for you. This is what we term fair remuneration.

Our fee-based consulting service is not only more transparent than the classic consulting services on commission basis. All investors can be sure that we fight for their goals with all our energy. On that track we will not be influenced by anybody.


Our FondsBrokerage, without consulting service, offers the access to the whole universe of funds and other assets – 100% commission free. This means not only that you don‘t pay premiums when buying funds, but also that you will be refunded all internal portfolio commissions. This leads every year to an additional yield of 0.5% compared to any other portfolio management model.

 For a funds portfolio worth €250,000 you will receive an annual refund of €650. 

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Our consulting services go full circle with our full service portfolio management model HonorabelPortfolio. Consulting talks, asset allocation on an institutional level, ongoing supervision, and regular rebalancing proposals are all part of our holistic wealth management approach.

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In between the FondsBrokerage and HonorabelPortfolio you‘ll find our SelectPortfolio. Within this model you can measure out your need for consulting services individually. We talk of „consulting on demand“.