Which difference

Thinking crosswise in our area of business

25 years ago Fondsbroker AG was founded with the slogan: „We are no bank“. Today this statement is part of our unique DNA. Each one of our consultants acts and consults on a pure fee basis and without being influenced by any credit institute. We abolished years ago the otherwise common conflict of interest in our business field.

It is now time for a new formula for success:

The foundation for our services is the FondsBrokerage platform: a multi-banking system with full commission-free access to the whole universe of funds. In addition we offer a very cost-efficient order system, a computer-based portfolio optimization, and the highest security standards. Hence we talk about perfect investment conditions which normally are only granted to institutional investors. Why be satisfied with less?

Whoever wishes to do so, may supplement our FondsBrokerage with an active and individual asset management consulting based solely on fees. We have looked at classic concepts of wealth management, thought crosswise, and came up with what we call the right of veto. You have the last word with every single investment decision. This right of veto may appear to be more lavish and costly, but in the long run it accounts for the small but decisive difference.

The German business magazine FONDSprofessionell acknowledged our special consulting quality and our passionate commitment for our clients and awarded us the

„No 1 among bank-independent financial consultants.“

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