€100,000 plus: the advantage grows

Regarding investments, costs are one of the few factors that you can actively influence yourself. The lower the costs, the higher the yield. No premiums and the full refund of all sales commissions guarantee an annual additional yield of 0.5% for your portfolio.

In addition you will profit from our slim structure, the consistent use of technical innovations as well as a purchase power at institutional level.

Our transparent pricing model does not include any hidden compensations. The basic fee for our  FondsBrokerage is €150 per quarter. After refunding the internal portfolio commissions to you this will soon become a personal profit which grows with growing investment volume.

It may be hard to believe: Using our FondsBrokerage you can increase your yield by up to 0.5%, simply by taking the refund of internal portfolio commissions into account.

If you would like to check your possible yield advantage, just send us an e-mail at or call to set a meeting time. Within 24 hours you‘ll receive a calculation of what your individual advantage would be in Euros and Cents.