Portfolio Management

Not only the blending defines the taste

A consistently anti-cyclical approach paired with strategic diversification characterizes our funds-based wealth management. It was developed in such a way that the individual needs and interests of our clients are always in the centre of our attention. At Fondsbroker AG you will never find standardized portfolios: no two client portfolios are alike.

Asset Allocation

The HonorabelPortfolio is our fee-based consulting model for a dynamic, success oriented structuring of your wealth. This actively managed portfolio allows you to gain access to a Nobel prize winning investment approach.

Investment process with right of veto

With us it‘s always you who has the last word. We call it „right of veto“. Thus you influence each and every single transaction decision. In preparing transaction proposals we not only take our time to develop the fitting strategy but also impart the necessary knowledge so that you will be in a position to judge our proposals and come to a self-assured decision. With time it will be easier and easier to adhere to one of the most important investment basics: not to follow the herd instinct, but, in the long run, act anti-cyclical. Many studies have shown that sticking to this principle is decisive for the success of your investment.

SMART analysis of funds

When selecting funds, our selection criteria go far beyond quantitative number crunching. We specifically look at quantitative factors of successful investment funds. Especially we are looking for funds managers who, with the support of research and analysis teams, have proven to generate an information lead and were able to convert this lead into investment success by using well-defined and structured processes. We have developed our SMART analysis of funds about 17 years ago and over the years always improved the selection process. In 2016 our SMART recommendations yielded 0.8% outperformance compared with their corresponding indices.