The Services

Problem solver and good listener

Every consultation starts with a personal talk to get to know each other. We will support you in finding exactly the amount of consulting that you need and with which you feel comfortable – no more and no less.

That is, we start without brochures and technology, without diagrams and slides that show problems that you might not even have. And then it‘s your turn: What are your aims and goals? What is the risk level that you still feel comfortable with? And above all: What is the service level that you really need?

Regardless of your decision, the basis of each investment is our FondsBrokerage model: 100% discount on premiums and refund of all portfolio commissions. From the beginning you thus have a clear and measurable yield advantage. How much? That depends on the investment volume. We will tell you the exact amount upfront, in euros and cents.

We regard ourselves as problem solvers for the realisation of your aims and goals. As fee-based consultants we are free of any conflict of interest unlike commission-based consultants. We can concentrate our efforts on you and your aims.