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Our daily business is supported by the most modern consulting technology available. It is based on the works of four distinguished Nobel Prize winners. For our full-service-clients all portfolios are supervised 24hrs, year-round, and rebalancing proposals are generated when necessary. Should a portfolio exceed previously defined levels, the software automatically alerts us and investors will be informed promptly.


The analyses of different markets and funds are not only the basis for our investment recommendations. For 20 years now, the current views of the Fondsbroker experts can also be found in our client magazine FondsNews. With a circulation of more than 20,000, the magazine has established itself as one of the most important independently published magazines for customers of financial consultants. Should surprising political or financial decisions happen, Fondsbroker clients are informed comprehensively in a timely manner.

SMART analysis of funds

Our know-how is also used to analyse funds. For many years now we select funds according to our home-made SMART analysis of funds. SMART not only takes quantitative facts and figures into account, but stresses especially the qualitative aspects of funds management as well as the cost structure of funds.