Fondsbroker app

Always up-to-date, even on the road

Your web-based depot view is also available as app for smartphones and tablets. Its functions depots, charts, proposals, contracts, and above all activities offer a fast and easy access to all information and files that we administer for you.


You view all portfolio depots which are allocated to you and which we have activated. Depots, stocks, activities, contracts, and proposals are also shown for your family members.


This category shows your overall stock with a choice of groupings, from where you can scroll to individual transactions. You may change the grouping and install filters. Mailing of the portfolio report is also possible.


You can view all activities that we have sent to your postbox via secure transmission. You can also create your own activity for us and put it into the postbox.



The stock of the selected customer is shown as pie chart. If you rotate to landscape format, the chart indicates the performance with time. You may choose between several time spans and also change the portfolio depot.

Proposals and contracts

Under this header you find your proposals and contracts. Once a document is filed, you can open the .pdf-file and by tipping send it e.g. to your printer.


One possible option is to deactivate the automatic logout and release your portfolio values for the message centre. With this option you can view your current values of your own portfolio without login.


The app can be found in the Apple AppStore searching for „Depoteinsicht“ or simply follow the following link:

The corresponding app for smartphones with an android operating system can be found under „AllesimBlick“ or following this link: