Financial Consulting

360° fee-based consulting

The term „financial consulting“ comprises all those of our services that help to coordinate all asset and wealth categories and adjust them to your individual life plan. As fee-based consultants we take up a 360° perspective for you. We are, so to speak, together with you in the decision-making centre. From there we measure out all those services in the various financial consulting categories that you really need – and only those. Together with our comprehensive network of tax and law experts we achieve a measurable added value for you, every year:

  • Only those contracts and services that you really need
  • A wealth balance with all contracts and assets – always topical

  • All services fee-based and 100% cost transparent


Risk management

We analyse your existing insurance policies. Your individual situation defines the necessary risk management, and not the sales goals of insurance agents. We help you find exactly that level of insurance that you need today.

Pension plan management

The intelligent linking of all assets and their interactions is tuned to your personal situation. Whether you optimally use state subsidies to build up wealth or whether you want to manage the withdrawal of assets: a wealth balance provides you with the necessary overall view and, most important, allows the ongoing control of how your various assets develop over time.

Real estate consulting

To own real estate property is an important asset for many investors. We look at real estate as an asset class, more for logical and less for emotional reasons. Whenever investors listen more to their gut feeling than to facts and figures, losses are more likely. Together with you we look after those criteria that are best suited to make a firm decision – and we prepare all facts and figures in such a way that will decide with a positive gut feeling. In addition we take care of all aspects of real estate administration, to create more temporal and emotional freedom for you.


Inter-generational consulting

With respect to inter-generational investment decisions there are many mistakes to be made, many of them that cannot be corrected at a later date. We check powers of attorney, guardianships, patient decrees, tax optimization regarding the transfer of wealth to the next generation, your own last will and more. We recognise necessary measurements to be taken, coordinate meetings with experts in their fields and handle all processes as smooth as possible.

All areas interact, complement each other and have to be adjusted to each other. The 360° consulting coordinates all necessary measures from a broad perspective.