The team

Jörg Kunze

Top in sports, top in your job. That formula is also true for Jörg Kunze who joined the Fondsbroker team on July 1, 2014 as financing and real estate specialist. 1,100 goals scored the 80 times international handball player and Olympic competitor in 420 games of the German handball Bundesliga – a performance which the learned banker and financing specialists now wants to repeat for his clients.

His guiding principle is simple: "Success doesn't come by chance. You have to plan it." Looking at his CV one can detect a lot of planning. His latest positions were assistant manager for a banking cooperation and insurance supervisor for the German R+V life insurance company.

To perform at top level again and again was a prerequisite for Jörg Kunze, to be among the frontrunners in his sport. „All this has made me an achiever“: the European cup winner with TV Großwallstadt is aware that the same ambition is necessary to stay among the top performers in his business.